Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from KeithS: The Chimera

So, I’m stuck in Albuquerque of all places thanks to the big storm yesterday and I’m desperately figuring out how to make a post on my phone - no easy task! Anyway, travel and technological woes aside, I present a Chimera by Ral Partha for the final theme weekend.   He was a fun one to paint!

I really like the sculpt - great detail, personality, etc. I went with a dungeon basing as this guy is gonna get used one of thes days for a D&D game!  He’s a looker, some goat, some dragon, and a whole lot of lion.

I wasn’t quite sure about the wings so made them fit closer to Mister Right Head (i.e. the dragon).  Seemed only fair since goat and lion got the lion-share of the body (I kill me!)

 All three heads look pretty angry and open for business (as in eating adventurers).

Well, that’s it for old school goodness. I’ve been traveling a lot so I only managed this guy for the theme weekend. I should have some more old school chaps before the end, but on Wednesday it’s off to Garycon in Lake Geneva WI where it all began for some serious gaming, including miniature games!


  1. Classic work! The chimera is one of the first monsters that entranced me as a youth too. I got a rememorable lecture from a teacher when they realized I wanted to hunt one with my dad and uncles! Such a confusing lecture for a young boy! ;)