Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from AdamC: Corps Caterpillar

This fellow is from the Bones III Graveyard expansion and I felt it would be perfect for the this bonus round. I'm not sure if the minatures has a name (most Reaper miniatures do) but I'm thinking of it as the Corps Caterpillar.  With those teeth it can make corpes if doesn't find nough.

I opted for bright clolors becasue many times catapillars are brightly colored to tell preditors they are poinsons and... of course this is also true of venimous cretures too. 

I plan using this fellow in Frostgrave and for Dragon Rampant.

I would have liked  little more texture on the skin, but its hard to paint that when its not there on the figure.

Its a big nasty baddy that I shall enjoy using in my games. .   Its a 25-28mm scale figure actually bit bigger but with the limited details I don't think it worthy of any more that standard points.


  1. That is one crazy caterpillar-like thing Adam! I'm not sure I'd want to see the butterfly he makes. Great work!

    1. I suspect it turns into an even scarier beatle or similar creature.

  2. Awesome! Nice miniature that can have so many uses. Great stuff. cheers

  3. A deadly greebly and definitely in the spirit of the round!

  4. I love a good tunnelling monster!

  5. Sweet underground gribbly, Adam! I like the garish colors!