Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from TeemuL: Gulavhar, Terror of Arnor

It was quite difficult to pick just one monster to paint for this round, but quite fast I decided to paint this brilliant Gulavhar model, Lord of the Rings, Games Workshop. It is a resin model, Citadel Finecast, and I must say that it was a very fine cast, no problems what so ever. I bought this couple of years ago on discount, when a local store was getting rid of LotR miniatures, but I haven't managed to paint it before now.

It was very easy to assemble, less than ten parts and no problems with the joins. I thought about how to paint him, but decided to try my drybrush skills after discovering that the huge wings had nice texture. So on black basecoat I drybrushed different greys, some light skin and bone, a bit of white and some red and orange to the tongue.

I thought about painting the stone grey as well, but decided to make it brown sandstone to pop him up from the base. Grey stone would have make the whole model too monochromatic, I think.

The basing is my normal Lord of the Rings base, although I don't think I will be using him much on the games, the cabinet will be a common place for him.

A bit different painting style I normally do, but I like the finished look. Drybrushing really works on the models like this. The body is bit lighter, more to the bone color, where the wings are bit darker, drybrushed mostly with greys. Some pure white on the face, fangs and claws.

Points wise it is difficult. The base is 65mm round base. His eyes are about 65mm from the top of the base. From the bottom to the top he is 15cm tall.


  1. Man that's cool. Such a great Monster. I really don't know anything about it. I could see so many uses for him as 'Counts as' in Kings of War. Great painting makes him look very nightmarish. Cheers

  2. Yes, a great monster indeed. I remember seeing him in the GW catalogue a few years ago and really wanting one. You've done a brilliant job on him Teemu, making me want one even more!

  3. Definitely monstrous!

    Well done Teemu!

  4. Wonderful model, Teemu! Great texture on it and I like how you treated it. Definitely a monstrous winged nightmare!