Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from EvanH: SNOWLORD!

There are tales told around the campfires of the Frozen North, tales of a legendary behemoth whose dominion over the icy tundras of Saskatchewan is absolute...

Every winter, he stirs from his slumbers and emerges from his icy fastness, summoning his acolytes to take their appointed places at their workbenches and sacrifice to his puissance and majesty!

His power is great. His reach is long. And woe betide the painter who tries to slip a half-filled terrain cube past his all-seeing eye, for his wrath knows no bounds...


The fearsome ruler of the Painting Challenge carries the emblem of his power wherever he goes.

"They say he carved it himself... from a bigger brush!"
His cloak is sewn from the hides of mammoths. He is bedecked with the claws of bears (Female or male bears? Nobody knows...) and the skulls of those who have dared to question his rulings!

Here he stands atop a snowy crag, exhorting his Minions to ever-greater efforts!

"Paint for the Paint God!"

I've had this figure in the pile for some time. A Reaper Bones Frost Giant, and not my first choice for the 'Monstrous' Theme Round, but dammit if I didn't keep coming back to him! He stands an impressive 60mm in height from top to toe, but like most of the Reaper range, he is in 'heroic' 25mm scale. 

The base is a Warbases 80mm MDF round, and owing to the somewhat downward posture of the sculpt (glaring balefully down at any impudent humans who dare enter his domain, I suppose), I built up the groundwork with polystyrene foam and cork pieces to tilt him upwards and get him looking in a more forward direction. Added a rock or two, and then hit it with the old 50/50 PVA/bicarb snow mix.

The decision to excise the original improbably spiky sword was made when no amount of hot water could straighten the damned thing. I was going to scratch-build a replacement when the idea hit me; replace the sword with a brush and Curt would have a fitting and affectionate tribute to his work in herding the painting cats for the eighth consecutive year!

That's the last Theme Round (and amazingly, I didn't miss one this time!), so I'd better get back to work on the last of my regular submissions before the Challenge comes to an end. What do I have that in the pile that will help me finally reach my target?

Stay tuned...



  1. Yaaas! Sooo awesome. Brilliant work Ev, I love this big blue fella.

  2. Awesome indeed! A monstrous blue dude! Excellent back story as well. :)

  3. Waving his brush in one hand and his 3d printer in the other... great stuff, Ev!

  4. Wonderful work and grand backstory, Evan! I like this fellow quite a bit, so I won't deduct for not including a tortured goblin-oid figure in the submission! ;)