Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from MilesR: Spinosaurus

 I thought I should keep my Monstrous bonus round submission strictly historical, so I went with an Acheson Creations Spinosaurus in 28mm scale.

I also threw in 2, 28mm Ghost Archipelago character figures for scale - It's a big beastie.
 The model is a single resin cast piece and required a good bit of clean up - especially removing the mold release agent before I could paint him up.  As for color scheme, I looked up Spinosaurs in my hand Osprey Dinosaur Markings, volume 2.  I'm sure all of you have a similar copy that is well thumbed through also.

 The first Spinosaurus fossils were found in Egypt and then others discovered over what is now North Africa.  It's believed these predators could grow to 18 meters in length and weigh close to 21 tonnes.

Hmmm, perhaps it's just a coincidence that these creatures roamed around the same locations in Egypt where I've based by DAK & Dragons convention games.  I'm sure it's just a happy coincidence.....
There are dinosaurs in Ghost Archipelago and I'll be using Ole'Spiny here as the "Monarch" or top boss.  I really like the Acheson Creations line of prehistoric animals and have a few more to paint up.
 Painting was a lot of fun once I got down a primer coat that would wear off.
The two 28mm scale figures are from Northstar and have a lot of character.  I'm not sure if they'll end up as appetizers for Spiny, but they look good now.
Well there you have it - my final bonus round submission.


  1. Really nice! Looks great. Cheers

  2. What about Osprey Wehrmacht Dinosaurs in the Balkans Vol IV? Very nice.

  3. Love the dinosaur, Miles! Nice vibrant colors on him. The figures are a wonderful addition as they do look the part of monster hunters very well!