Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from KentG: Tatsu Gigamek

So for my Monstrous themed round i went for this rather large Samuia robot called
Mishima Raiden Class Tatsu Gigmek from Probos games warzone chronicles
i painted over a two day period take eleven and a half hours there was almost no pictures except for the box art which was a front view picture so it took a bit to work out the colours, like the blue silver which was a bit of a guess on how to achieve.
when finished i was actually rather excited with what i had achieved and when my friend Martin saw it he was very pleased as this is the first of hundreds of figures i was to paint for him

so 160mm tall I think is 30 points


  1. Like a cool version of the wolverine movie. Brilliant work. Do the Japanese characters mean "soup" ref big bang theory

  2. Wow, do I every love this guy. I really like the turquoise 'body' juxtaposed against the red armour. Wonderful work Kent!

  3. Fantastic painting. Love all the colours and technique on this. How tall is it? A very nice figure. cheers

  4. That blue tone and the red armour are great. I’d love to see him next to a minion for a sense of scale, I think he is bigger than I suspect!

  5. That is a beautiful figure with great color choices! That red armor is fab and I really like the detail you gave the cloak. Very good work on the base too!