Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' PhillK: Bart and Jake; Sometimes It Is Good to Have Big Friends

Well, I finally have something finished again; life just got in the way, as it tends to do, but in a good way. I got a new job - a beyond-full-time position - and I have been trying to adjust to the whole "no free time" thing ever since.

I have been painting though. On my desk is no less than 70 miniatures that are a most of the way to finished, with more sitting in the wings undercoated and ready to go. I'll make my 500 points.

For now though, here is my Monstrous submission, if it isn't too late to do that. I honestly have lost track of time with this Challenge.

This is a model I have wanted to paint since it first graced the cover of Australia's White Dwarf magazine, something like 12 years ago. As a child I couldn't dream of affording it, but as an adult, I indulged my inner 14 year old and bought one from a local game store when it randomly turned up.

And then painted it almost two years later. I am not good at this.

But now, for better or worse, it is done, and I am mostly happy with how he came out. I painted it in one day - the first quiet day off I have had in a while.

Bart The Giant and Jake The Bird will be joining my Littlefolk army for games of Dragon Rampant and, possibly, Kings of War, should I ever amass enough Hobbits, Shortlings, Gnomes, and Dwarves.

I just wanted to say that I am once again awed by the brilliant standard and utterly incredible volumes of submissions I have seen during this Challenge. I look forward to seeing what everyone produces during the final stretch.



  1. Excellent work. Placing the bird on the head is a great idea. The small bird is a great contrast to this monstrous giant. Glad you kept it simple as well and kept all the add ons off. Looks better for it. Great stuff. Cheers

  2. Sooo cool. Jake The Bird is brilliant. Well done Phillip!

  3. I love the bird, and the sense of motion with his chain.

  4. Giant walks into a pub with a bird standing on his head. Landlord asks, "Where'd you get that?" Bird says, "Would you believe it started out as a veruca under my middle toe?"

  5. Love the bird perched on the giant's noggin! Effective placement! It's a treat to see this kit now done twice for this round!
    I quite like the basing as it feels he just recently aquired that club from the woods. The patchwork trousers are well done too!