Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from JamesM: 'The command is given, the command is WALK!'

Hi folks,

In a change from what I had planned for this round, I've strayed away from my 15mm stuff and reduced scale slightly... down to 3mm! The quote from the title comes from one of my favourite Warhammer 40k books, Titanicus. that should give a clue as to what (at least some) of these models are!

At 3mm scale, my 'Monstrous' entry therefore consists of pretty small models! But I consider these to be monstrous for a reason! Here's some pictures with some of their smaller, infantry, allies.

Standing hundreds of feet tall, these walkers would shake the earth when they moved, light the skies when they fired and make any infantryman wonder what the point of being on the battlefield actually was!

These models are from Vanguard Miniatures 'Defeat in Detail' 3mm range - although the two types of 'Stalkers' I've painted are prototypes and not available for sale currently. The walkers are massive when compared to the Novan Elite troopers I've added to the bases above to help show scale (the Novan Elites are in power armour and are 7 meters tall - Vanguard's 3mm range is true scale). I've included a Novan Elite 'Trojan' APC as well as a couple of Gladiator infantry walkers.

While I'm using Vanguard's models, my concept is to use these models as proxies for a Warhammer 30k game set during the Betrayal of Calth. My Novan Elites are painted as Ultramarines, while the Stalkers are Reaver Titan Proxies for the Legio Praesagius Titan Legion who supported the Ultramarine Legion.

Two of the Stalkers are 'Dreadnought Stalkers', the 'Medium' or 'Main Battle' tier stalkers in the Cybershadow's faction armies. One is armed with an arm mounted Plasma Array and Triple Laser Cannon and dorsal Twin laser Cannon, while the other has a dorsal Multiple Rocket Launcher and arm mounted Hyper Laser and Heavy Rotary Cannon.

I've added decals to them to try and make them a bit more heraldic and individual, while still keeping them part of the same army. The decals came from various W40k sets I've picked up over the last few months! I viewed them as having their own heraldry, while trying to stick to the Legio Praesagius colours - although reference pictures for these Warhammer Titans are few and far between.

The third stalker is a currently unnamed model, but is a conversion kit for a 6mm Scale model which was sold by Vanguard (I believe it might be switching to a 3mm model with the conversion kit added). It's described as being a 'Battle Cruiser' Stalker, that uses shields, agility and speed to get up close and personal. I've built mine as a 'duelist' or ambush hunter, with close combat weapons and a light twin rotary cannon. While it might not make sense something this size being an ambush hunter, if you've read the Titanicus book you'll understand how it's possible!

The three Super Heavy Tanks are 'Punisher' tanks for my Novan Elites, equipped with various Anti-Tank and anti personnel weapons:

 Again, to give some idea of scale...

So 3 models that qualify as 28mm models, and 3 that probably count as 6mm models!


  1. Love how ironically massive these guys are

  2. Yeah, in the light of day there are a few mistakes - the Elites are 7 feet tall, not meters... And the Super heavies are Challengers, not Punishers. But on the table they are bloody massive compared to other units - and these are not even the biggest ones!

  3. WOW! That's some small scale awesomness right there. These would be great for Horizon Wars. Very cool. Cheers

  4. Very nice work, I thought those were 6mm. The basing is beautifully understated.

  5. Wonderful work on these! I really like the not-titans/knights and those tanks do have a 40k feel. Exquisite ground work on them too!