Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from RayR: Monstrous Trio

Here's my entry into the Monstrous bonus round.

Frankenstein, Dracula & Death
All three are from The Dr Who collection from Black Tree Designs.

This was for me another difficult round, unfortunately I couldn't find anything to
fit into it from my lead pile. So a quick email to Black Tree and these naughty boys
arrived in the post a few day later.

I do like the Frankenstein and Death figures, I'm not so keen on poor old Vlad.
He's a bit of a bore really being all in black.
But what other colour can he be?


Death once again a tad on the black side, but hey what you gonna do?


  1. What a cheery bunch Ray. ;) Great work!

  2. I like Death, I’m sure I could find a fun use for him somewhere.

  3. Nice work Ray! Black is the color for Vladimir, it just really sets off that scarlet you painted so well! ;)