Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from RichardC: 1970-something, Saturday, 10pm, BBC2

For those of us of a certain age, late-night Saturday TV viewing in the late 1970s meant one thing - the “Monster Double Bill.” Every week, there would be a pair of horror films, usually following the format of a 1930s RKO feature starring such greats as Karloff, Lugosi and Chaney, after which they screened a second, more recent film – by recent, I mean anything from a 1950s Vincent price flick to a Hammer Horror. In my mid teens at the time, I would watch these with my older brothers, who would do their best to scare me.

A couple of years earlier, my brother started making plastic kits of classic horror stars made by Aurora. These must have been the re-issues, as the kits contained fluorescent, “glow in the dark” parts which would lend an eerie green glow to the bedroom. I remember buying the guillotine kit, and having hours of fun watching the head of the aristo falling into the basket.

The kit I always wanted was Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s creature – sadly now expensive, even if you can find one for sale.

My entry for the Monstrous round is a slightly smaller version. Here is my version of the 54mm kit by Andrea Miniatures, and available in the UK from Historex Agents.

A simple kit of only seven parts, I decided to chance my hand and paint it in greyscale thanks to a comment by Mr Awdrey who suggested that my childhood round should be in greyscale, as “everything was black and white in those days!”

The paintjob itself was pretty straightforward, with a number of ink washes and dry-brushing – as this was my first attempt at the genre, I am quite pleased with the result.

I even followed the practice of a small splash of red (a vivid scar on his temple, and where his manacles chaffed) which, according to Michael A is acceptable in this genre.

 The only extra I added was a 1/35th scale rat from Jon Smith Modellbau which I had spare from a WW1 project.


  1. Awesome. Very nicely done. Cheers

  2. Awesome. The only thing I may have added is a forehead-shaped chunk out of the doorway lintel. ;)

  3. Brilliant. The rat is a great touch.

  4. Nice work in the grayscale! He is definitely looking as ferocious as he did in the film! The red spot color and rat are perfect for the piece as well! '