Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from Barks: Necromunda Beast's Lair

The best monsters are the ones you never see all of...

It was inevitable that I would be sucked in by the new Necromunda. I flailed weakly against its nostalgic embrace before accepting my fate and succumbing.

One of the little pieces of scatter scenery you get is The Beast's Lair, which attacks gangers who are close to it. I spent too much time on this! After adding some plasticard, I started to paint it blue, because colour theory with the rust, then thought it would be cool as a pallid albino thing, then it looked too white, so I added a bit more flesh tones, then it didn't work until I added some more pinks.

I’ve fired up the Skull-o-meter™️ but it must be faulty- this 40K piece is reading 0!

I enjoyed the rust- the trick is burnt umber wash with bright orange stippling.


  1. Great tentacle Barks, but it seemed an arduous path to pallid pink. ;)

  2. Very nice (even without skulls LOL). cheers

  3. The Skull-o-meter™️ returns a nil result? Have you tried turning it off and on?
    ; )

    Terrific work, Barks!

  4. Really cool, Barks! That is a lot of layering to get to that pink! ;)
    I'm looking forward to getting the new Necromundia at Adepticon, I'll be looking for this piece!

    1. It has some nice little bits of scatter scenery- watch for my upcoming posts!