Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from DaveX: A Monstrous Horde of Zombies!

Being quite behind my points goal, I needed a boost, and a big boost at that!

Whilst looking at my many options for Monstrous, I was looking at some of the Monsters in Zombicide Black Plague.  I have painted quite a few zombies but decided I would paint as many as I could so I grabbed every zombie from the box set that had yet to see paint and off I went!

I had to speed paint the lot of them, all 44 of them!  I basically undercoated them IJA Green, slapped on some block colours, drybrushed them with Army Painters Zombie Skin, painfully painted the bases and then used my favorite Army Painter Quick Shade... a magical 3 days later I sprayed some Mat Varnish, picked out some minor details and bloodied them!

It was a Monstrous effort to get them all done!

Here is my Horde of 44 Zombies for you...

Here they are... All 44 of them

The Zombies

The Fatties

The Runners

As these are gaming pieces and are handled with not much love and are constantly being moved on and off the table, I only roughly cleaned them up and missed many a mold line but they sure do look nice en-mass! 

So this should yield me 44 x 5 points = 220 plus 50 bonus = 270 much needed points! :)


  1. Fabulous work, starting to run out of superlatives already

  2. Wow, what an awesome horde of zombies. I love the various warm earth tones you've used and the flagstones are wonderfully rendered. An excellent bomb Dave!

  3. A monstrous horde. Extra effort on the bases no doubt time consuming but add that extra awesome to them. cheers

  4. Very nice work! Zombies are best painted en masse.

  5. Great looking Zombies from my favorite of the Zombicide games!

  6. Very nice work on them, they are a monstrous horde for sure! I like the flagstone basses very much!