Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from Anthony O: George the Giant

George is big, in fact he is down right monstrous. Don't tell George that though as he can get a little sensitive, sure he is a little taller than average but that could just be because he is big boned. It really is not George's fault that none of the clothes in 'Ye Olde Shoppe' fit him, I mean do they think everyone is a halfling?

George just wants to settle down and be an average Joe. He certainly fancies himself as somewhat of a pretty handy baker but for some reason every time he wanders into a new town looking for a job it is all screams and pitchforks and "Call out the guard!".

George is actually a really nice guy, unfortunately George has to fight sometimes though otherwise these pompous little English men keep poking him with sticks. So he squashes and he stomps and swings his club all the while thinking about how to make amazing scones with some cream and a touch of strawberry jam.

One day George will get really angry at all those little English men with sticks and be they alive or be they dead he will grind their bones to make his bread, one day...


  1. George is superb. Great work Anthony! Here's hoping he'll find a place that will appreciate his halfling jelly-filled scones. :)

  2. Fantastic. One of these giants was almost going to be my Monstrous submission as well. Your one has turned out excellent. Well done. Cheers

  3. Nice brushwork, Anthony! I like your treatment of the skin and the texture you gave George. My daughter has this model for her wood elves and I'm not allowed to touch it! ;)

  4. Excellent entry Anthony. Could it be that George's problem is that he serves scones Devon cream tea style (jam on top of cream) to Cornish pikemen (they insist on the cream on top of the jam)? Just a thought.