Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from DavidB: Elder God Mage and Werewolves

Back in early November/December, and when I found out the theme, I decided to delve my "mountain of neglect" for all the vile, wicked, terrible monsters I could find.  As the challenge and life progressed I was reminded that not all monsters are wicked, and some lurk very close by.

My initial thought for the final round and Curt-geld  was one of a pair of werewolves I got in the swagbag at Adepticon. My son didn't like that idea and he selected this Mind Flayer ( illithid) from our FLHS instead.
I rather like his pose as instead of idly twirling a mustache, he has tenticles.

Although he is anot apparent mage, he can easily slide into a nefarious agent of the elder gods like above. The hapless not-Indiana( Games workshop archaeologist from talisman) is about to get his cliffhanger!

Still he( maybe she- nice red shoe) is also capable of confronting warrior types in a dungeon crawl. 

But he could also use the tanks as stout minions vs the rogue hero.

I did complete both the Curt-geld and one of the backup alternates. As I stated earlier, life has a funny way of resurrecting memories of family and pearls of wisdom. In Potawatomi, Algonquin, and really all AmerIndian culture shapeshifters or skin walkers are very common. The Trickster is also very common, but unlike the Norse Loki, he usually helps the unfortunate and punishes the wicked. The wolf is a powerful protector of the people and also a bane. 
And werewolves are still pretty cool. I suffered the Twilight movies because I have daughters, wolves are even cool there as they aren't sparkling emos! ;)

My grandfather is the one who told me of an old proverb first. In each of us dwells two wolves. One feeds on fear, hate, greed, sadness, misery; the other thrives on love, generosity, kindness. The one you feed the most is the more powerful one and determines who you will be.
Because a lot of people feed the dark wolf, I've been really busy with both military and work which has put me in spots where WiFi hates blogger...or more accurately, work and government does not like me to visit any website with "game" in it! ;)
If people would feed the light wolf, I would've had more time to comment and visit each entry instead of just enjoying the emails...and able to spend more time painting too! 

So the alternate and Curt-geld for the final theme round this season. Perhaps the skin walkers and the illithid are the good guys who feed their white wolf while the pulp hero feeds his black wolf and plunders and murders his way through the world. ;)

Gerry Rafferty

Special thanks to my wife for posting these photos up for me as she not only found the described models, but also took the photos and started this least the woods are pretty and not too cold! ;)


  1. Awesome Dave! I love the eldritch mindflayer - so awesome. And as you can tell from my own monstrous post, I have a 'soft spot' for werewolves too (but don't tell them that). :)

    1. Skinwalkers (or lycanthropes) have always been my favorite too. I loved the movie silver bullet with the priest being the wolf and the escapades of the would be wolf hunters! ;)

  2. Excellent stuff but I have to go now as a Wolf needs feeding. :)

    1. At least I can count on you to feed the white wolf! ;)

  3. I do like cthulhoid figures!

    1. Thanks barks! I've lost many an investigator and adventurer to them in many different games! They are always bad news! ;)