Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from BrendonW: Stone vs Demon

1 x Demon from Games Workshop 1 x Stone Giant from MOM Miniatures.

This challenge is excellent. Deadlines can be a good thing for paint motivation. Unlike project Goblin these beasts had actually undergone assembly before the challenge. Monstrous theme challenge means they get over the line to completion. Sure there is always something else that could be done to them to take them a little further but, like an old art teacher once told me...'know when to stop.' Stop is when the deadline is due in this case. The Dwarf stone giant golem is a little over 100mm high including his 50mm square base. He is resin and was only two parts. The plastic Games Workshop Demon was many parts and it is around 95mm tall including his base with stones. The Demon is the second one I have painted this challenge. The animated stone giant as you can see took way less time to paint than the Demon who will be a 'Counts as' figure. These are for two of my Kings of War armies. Dwarves and Varangur. Both of which have had other units painted during this challenge and previous ones. I enjoyed painting these. Especially after so many Goblins. They certainly made for a change of scale even though they are for the same scale. :)

Cheers from Brendon during Monstrous March