Sunday, March 4, 2018

'Monstrous' from MartinC: Medieval Hellboy

Oh the final Theme, the 1st sign that the challenge is drawing to a close. What to paint, as it's the Curtgeld it had better be something good.

This figure is from Dark Sword and is so like Hellboy's great great, great Grandfather that I couldn't resist.

Now for the vain glorious attempt to come 3rd in the Challenge only to be pipped on the last day by Miles, again. Kent and Noel have stormed it this year and I suspect with 18 days to go Miles has an enormous terrain post to go - thinking the whole of North Africa in 28mm. We shall see


  1. Oooh, brilliant! Thanks so much Martin! I really like his blackened armour and his tail is fabulous. A very formidable adversary for a future Pulp game.

  2. Really nice devilish looking dude. cheers

  3. I like the subtle difference in the reds between his skin and his tunic.

  4. Wonderful work Martin! I like that scarred armor and the contrast in the warm red of the cloth with the cool red of the skin. Very nicely done!