Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from TomM: Faramir and his Rangers

Time for the first AHPC bonus round this year, and it's Reconnaissance as a theme.

And this theme was right upon the MESBG alley, as they have a lot of scouting troops, from Warg Riders to Dunedain... 

I chose to paint up Faramir in his Ranger uniform, a role he preferred over that of full combat leading captain.

Though if it where up to him, he would rather just read books then go to war altogether.

Joining him are four of his Rangers of Gondor, who guard the paths towards the White City of Gondor and gather information on the movements of the enemy.

The models are once again from the Games Workshop range, and was released back in the day with the Two Towers edition of the game for Faramir, while the plastic rangers came from a far later edition.

So my modest contribution to this bonus round is 5 models of 28mm scale... which should be good for 25 points.


  1. Oh yeah, more LOTR! Great stuff - I love Faramir and his rangers.

  2. Great work on these Rangers, Tom. The green and browns turned out very nicely.

  3. Nice rangers, Faramir was one of the more interesting (non-fellowdship) characters from LotR. Forced into a role he didn't want, but determined to do his best. A hero who stands out in a book of heroes.

  4. Yes, Faramir is an interesting figure, because conflicted. You've done him and his companions well. I especially like the brown tones you've achieved.

  5. I've always wanted a little force of rangers- lovely stuff.