Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from MilesR: British Staghound Armored Car

 My submission for the Recon Bonus Round is a rather simple model of a British Staghound Armored Car (model T17E1) in 28mm scale.

The model is a resin cast kit from Blitzkreig Miniatures.  The casting is excellent but I always have some trouble with Blitzkrieg models getting paint to adhere even after washing all the parts thoroughly.  I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong but its enough of a hassle to get me to shy away from further purchases of the line.

 I went with a bog standard olive drab with some of my "special" mud mix for weathering.  I'm also trying out a new formula of black wash, which I like so far.

 Just under 4,000 Staghounds were produced by the UK during the war.  The original design was created by the American car company Chevrolet as part of a competition in the US for a new armored car design.  The M8 Greyhound won out and the T17 was offered to the Brits to be produced under lend lease licensing.

Originally intended for the desert, production delays meant the first real use was in Italy where the width of the vehicle proved very inconvenient on the narrow Italian roads.  The vehicle saw a lot of post war service where it proved to be more effective for anti-guerrilla operations.  26 Staghounds made their way to Cuba from Israel via Nicaragua in the early 80's.

This is my second staghound in 28mm.  I'll probably pick up another one down the line to complete a platoon.


  1. Great looking AC, Miles and I really like the history you've included with the entry.

    For cleaning resin/plastic kits I suggest a heated ultrasonic cleaner. They are cheap as chips on Amazon and work a treat on mold release agents (and cleaning gunked-up airbrushes, which is why I originally picked up mine).

  2. Looks great and love the table you have photographed it on. cheers

  3. Great rendition of this iconic armoured car Miles just plain great work!

  4. Nice Staghorn Miles - it's amazing how far used WW@ kit travelled post war!

  5. Great looking armoured car! I always liked it's chunky look!
    Best Iain