Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from StephenS: Troll!

This bonus round was the perfect opportunity to add some unpredictable muscle to my fledgling orc  Blood Bowl team.

Blood Bowl is a game I fell in love with back in 1994 when I picked up the Third Edition boxed set as a kid. The latest version seems to play like the game I remember, and the miniatures are lovely. The game is still violent, random and can swing quickly, which I love as it makes for a great casual game, but I imagine is not to everyone's taste.

I painted up an Orc Team last year, and have added a fantastic Troll to the roster. There will be some goblins added down the line, so the poor chap about to be hurled down the pitch will have some friends/replacements.

The completed team so far.
The model is a large 32 mm figure from Game Workshop and was a delight to paint up. 




  1. Nice troll, though the goblin doesn't seem too happy. Well done!

  2. Tormenting goblins? Tick, VG! Great work on this very busy and character-filled figure!

  3. Okay, seeing yhis brilliantly painted troll, I am so glad I haven't finished mine in time for this theme round. I now can see how it's supposed to look!

  4. Great looking troll! Sad looking goblin!
    Best Iain

  5. What a brute! He's amazing Stephen.

  6. Wow, what a great looking mini! Great work Stephen.