Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from GregB: Sport in Middle Earth: Orcs

Here come the bad guys...
 For this theme round, I thought I would stretch the definition a touch and use it as an excuse to paint some more of the goodies I found in my "Lord of The Rings" pile.  After all, what do heroes in Middle Earth do for sport? Why, hunt orcs, of course.  Erkenbrand and the rest of the gang do need some sport to stay in shape, do they not? So here is the "Sport" in Middle Earth - Orcs.

Two archers, and two orcs sporting double-handed weapons.
In any game of GW's "Lord of The Rings" tabletop rules, you will likely need orcs.  The number varies, but it is generally somewhere between "quite a few" to "as many as you can possibly manage".  While there were some excellent metal castings "back in the day", the bulk of these figures came as plastics.

Another view of the archers...
Orc "spearmen" - I particularly like the sculpt with the goofy plague-ish helmet...
Sculpted by the Perry brothers, these LOTR orcs are quite nice, and paint up reasonably fast.  While you do lose some detail on account of the plastic, overall they are strong sculpts - matching not only the look of the orcs in the Peter Jackson films, but in general a "look" to orcs that I quite prefer (i.e. not traditional goofy GW). 

Orcs with hand weapons, shields and grotty clothing...

Pretty basic paint jobs, but they'll do fine!
Each sprue offered a mix of weapons - a few with swords, a few with spears, a pair with two-handed weapons, and a pair with bows.  There are a total of 12 28mm plastic models here - the output of a single plastic sprue of bad guys from GW's "Return of The King" box game. Just need to do two more of these sprues, and there should be enough orcs for a decent LOTR game...


  1. Nice job! The skin tones work very well. I wouldn’t like to play any sort of sport with these fellows though!

  2. I like the way you've given character to the orcs, even though they're basically dressed in rages.

  3. Really great use of colour for detail on these!

  4. I'm quite sympathetic to the orcs- great work!

  5. Nicd interpretation of the theme ;-)

  6. Great looking bunch of bad guys,read r to be ridden down and butchered!
    Best Iain

  7. Great looking as normal Greg! Love the high contrast

  8. Lovely work, dude! Great variation in colours and hues. This gives me a firm reminder that I need to get some of these chaps done-up as well...

  9. Nice works Greg - seems to me Legolas and Gimli used them as a score sheet.

  10. Nice work Greg, I do love the blue