Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from PaulS: Underground Recon

The Recon theme for this round couldn't have been better timed, or placed for me to carry on working on my Necromunda bits. Most of the gangs are fairly gung-ho in their approach, With one or two being a bit sneaky... but the Genestealers (and more specifically my campaign build) are about as recon as you can possibly get 3 games in. In a starting gang you can get up to three people infiltrating. My magus is too important to be throwing away like that, so I started with two infiltrators, one has the terrifying Seismic cannon and the other has two pistols to act as a bodyguard and help keep the cannon alive

I also put some paint on a few cultists that I'd been converting to represent a few of my gang. One of these has double duty as my Medic for Kill Team. All four use parts from the Genestealer hybrids, Cawdor gang, Skitarii and Orlock sprues to make a rag-tag mining guild look. Who better to be the mining guild in a campaign without any Orlocks? The fourth figure is a really useful longlas sniper, capable of taking the head off my own magus in one shot when missing the enemy in a firefight. Beware fire lanes kids!

Speaking of which. As we don't have an Orlock player in out campaign, no-one is all that interested in paying attention to what the Orlock territory cards do, other than me (as the Cult gets to use them as well). First choice was Toll Booth, which automatically gives you first turn, or lets other people pay you so they can take first turn in their games against other people. Income or first shots of the game... hmmm. Win. Second up was Tunnels. These allow a gang member to infiltrate at the start of the game... or in our case, two (maybe three, I forget). So that'll be a couple of Aberrants chewing down on your gang on turn one then...

Currently I only have one on the roster as I spent all my cash recently on a horrible, horrible Ambot... that also infiltrates! Sadly I finished that one in the run-up, but the recon crew (as they are now known), currently looks like this:

So no matter the size of the game, or the draw, I can always infiltrate at least two models *and* always go first. For some reason no-one wants to try their luck against the gang at the moment. I suspect Tunnels will be an early victim of territory grab attempts once the other players realise what they did by not challenging me for it in the early phase!

The group shot for the bonus round is as follows:

So Curt. In summary, that is 8 28mm figures and a solid recommendation to register for your local Cult in your Necromunda gang as you can't get more recon or sneaky :D


  1. Oh wow, this is super cool. Well done.

  2. Wow is right. These are gorgeous, Paul. I'm just starting to collect for Necromunda and these really have me reved up.

  3. Really nice! Great stuff. cheers

  4. Nice work! Some of the new cult figures they are releasing soon would be a good fit for Necromunda too.

    1. All of them will be joining my gang in some way or another :D

  5. These are lovely - nice brushwork sir!

  6. Great looking cult gangers!
    Best Iain

  7. Lovely looking cultists, well done.