Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from TeemuL: Star Player Duo

Grak and Crumbleberry, an ogre and a halfling, star player duo on the Blood Bowl arenas.

This set is available only at the Warhammer World, which I have never visited, but luckily a friend of mine brought us some souvenirs (which we paid). So that's how I got this set, it is resin set, and this duo can be hired by any Blood Bowl team.

Big One is number 13, a hint for opponents. The Little One is probably number 1/4...

Now they have finally gotten their blue-with-blue-stripes uniforms of my imperial Dwarf team, Reikland Reavers. Yes, there is a human team with the same name, but the collapse of NAF caused quite a lot confusion and now there are two teams with the same name. Humans had the name first and Dwarfs changing their mind... Really?

So they have this blue-with-blue-stripes now, rather simple in a way, but quite tricky in the end to have enough contrast and differentiate each area. On some miniatures this works better, on some it is harder. In the end there is a group shot of the whole team with this duo, so you can see how they blend in.

You see, stripes? Different shades of blue?

I did say that the uniforms were brand new, freshly knitted and studded, but they stay fresh and crisp only so long. The overall appearance is a bit messy, but hopefully more in a good than bad way. They are not power armors, they are sports wear, so I hope they look more well used than badly painted...


  1. Great stuff Teemu. I can't tell if the Ogre is going to kick the ball upfield or the halfling, either way I'm sure the fans will go wild.

  2. Excellent work on this odd couple, Teemu, and such characterful figs as well!

  3. A dynamic duo! Always got a soft spot for 'flings on the pitch.

  4. Great entry! I hope to get my grubby hands on this pair too one day. I like the blue you used a lot.

  5. Lovely pair of star players!
    Best Iain

  6. Great work Teemu - Number 13 is a real brute!