Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from BillA: The Liche's Bloodhounds

The region known as the Barrowmoors is best avoided by honest travelers.  Low, rolling hills hide dangerous bogs and marshes in the hollows between them, invisible until you step into one and find yourself sinking.  The constant fog makes travel even more dangerous.  Worse still, the ancient cairns that dot the Barrowmoors don't always remain sealed and quiet; the preserved remains of a long-dead wizard, known simply as the Liche, rules over the Barrowmoors.  In his bony hands, it is a kingdom of the dead, defended by soldiers who fell in battle centuries ago, risen up by the Liche's sorcery. 

Often the first sign that one is nearing the Barrowmoors is the echoing howls of the Bloodhounds - undead dogs that can run tirelessly forever, driven on by their skeletal handlers.  Packs of these hounds patrol the Barrowmoors, and it is said that they can sniff out a living victim more readily than any live dog could. 

For the "Reconaissance" bonus round I was honestly stumped for a bit as to what to do.  I'd originally considered submitting my Bidowers, but decided that wouldn't be fair after initiating the Rampant challenge.  Digging into my project pile I found two blisters from Reaper Miniatures: #02079 "Komray, Dogs of War" and #03432 "DHL Classics: Undead Hounds," which reissued just the dogs from the earlier blister.  So now I had a handler and six dogs. 

I have an Undead army that I use for Dragon Rampant (or would, if anybody around here played), and the backstory of that army is that they defend the foggy, dangerous moorland that their master the Liche has claimed for his own.  It immediately clicked for me that the Liche would use these zombie dogs to patrol his land in search of foreign (living) interlopers, and their howls could serve to alert the rest of the army that enemies had been discovered.  Perfect for "Reconaissance"!

first trio of dogs

second trio of dogs


  1. beautiful, maybe scar is better.

  2. That is a really cool unit - Dragon Rampant is a great game!

  3. Super! They will be great in Dragon Rampant and could be used in other games too.

  4. Awesome. Love those creeptastic hounds.

  5. Creepy cool. Nice work on this spooky unit. Cheers

  6. Great work, those hounds look like fun models to paint.

  7. Great pack of undead hounds!
    Best Iain

  8. Cue Aged Rustic from Central Casting: "...And they do say that the cursed pack hunts on the moors in the dark of the moon..." This is probably the same guy who warned you about the Painter's Curse all those years ago.
    ; )
    Great work on these creepy canines, though they probably try and bury bits of their handler from time to time!