Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from RayR: Lacrosse

Its Analogue Painting Challenge Bonus round again and I've gone all 
Native for the "Sport" Bonus round.
I will admit to being stumped at what to paint up for this round, I even considered 
and placed a few bids on ebay for some various Bloodbowl figures. I pretty glad I lost the bids!

I remembered back in the midst of time, 2012 to be precise I painted up some 15mm Indian 
villagers here. Some of these were playing Lacrosse, so a seed was planted.

I had a few (ok, a lot) of unpainted Indians wallowing in the dead lead pile, so I went to work
with a scalpel, file and drill, chopping off warclubs and such and came up with these 4 chaps.

The goal was quite a simple build, its made out of the three straightest twigs
I had in my Twig box, painted, inked and drybrushed and  stuck on a Warbses base
and will be used as decoration 
in any games we play involving an indian village.

He's my fav, not a lot of conversion work on him I'm afraid, he came straight of the 
packet of Redoubt Torch carriers.

As did the chap on the right.
All 4 figures are from Redoubt Enterprises.

Just for interest, here's how I made the Lacosse Sticks.
I cut and bent some soldering wire to shape.

Then folded a piece of plasterboard scrim in half, I fed the wire into the fold and 
and cut to shape. I then had to cut a thin fine line and glue it to the bottom of the net.


Well it wasn't that easy, I super-glued my fingers together 3 times!!

Oh the things we do for the hobby!


  1. Fantastic entry, well worth the work. I hope your fingers came unglued without taking too much skin off.

    1. I'd like to say yes, but I'll have to say no! I've chewed most of the glue off!

  2. Extra marks for that splendid conversion work, Ray, truly spectacular entry there!

  3. Great entry, very creative. It's not a proper scratch building session unless you have super-glued yourself to something.

  4. Smart entry Ray and well executed too!

  5. This is really cool Ray! This did take some thought one can see and is a great entry!


  6. Great looking Indians! Top marks for your conversion work!
    Best Iain

  7. Wow, great work Ray!
    Only glued yourself together three times? Sounds like an per-figure average for me - without any converting of anything!

  8. This is one of my favourite entries this round - brilliant work Ray. I just love how this came together for you (plus a few fingers along the way). Great conversions!