Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from JamesM: 6mm British 'Modern' Recce

Hi folks,

Finally, I've broken my duck for this challenge, with some 6mm British Team Yankee Recon units forging the way...

These models are from a variety of manufacturers - the FV107 Scimitars at the front are rather gorgeous GHQ 1:285th scale, with gun barrels so bendy a stiff breeze would take them out. The FV432 Swingfires (Anti Tank Guided Missile launching vehicles) behind and to the Scimitars right are from Butlers Printed Models (BPM). These are much more basic than the GHQ, but painted up and at a distance they look fine. Behind those are some BPM FV432 Trojan APC's.

On the left we have some Heroics and Ros 1:300 FV103 Spartans with the MCT turrets (Milan Anti Tank Guided Missile Turret), and behind them some BPM 1:285th plain old FV103 Spartan APC's.

Nothing special for my first entry I'm afraid! I had hoped to get some 15mm vehicles painted in time for this entry, but poor planning and lack of recce led to me being caught short with regards the number of days.

These were models I had hoped to paint in last years challenge, but that didn't make the table. I've a few more still to do and a boat load of infantry to go with them. All to try and slow down DaveD's tank hordes.

19 x 6mm vehicles = 38 points!