Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from PeteF: What's Black and White and Red All Over?

A sunburned zebra


A newspaper


A sports themed alien in a battle suit

Come and Have a Go If You Think You're Hard Enough
Some time ago I was looking at a lot of "starter armies" on EBay. It was one of my favourite searches. I picked up a lovely Warlord Battalia starter army very cheaply. It's a weakness.

I realized I had maybe a bigger problem than just buying more than I can paint when the first thing I knew about my Ghar Starter Army was that it was in the mail and would be arriving in 2 days from Noble Knight Games. I had pocket dialed the exact sequence of button pushes to search for, Buy-It-Now and pay for a box of crazed aliens - most of them in giant battle suits.

Challenge VIII afforded the opportunity to move some of this plastic off the shelf of shame and Challenge IX is doing likewise with the sports theme. Options considered were West Ham (my boy's chosen Premier League team), Portland Timbers (our local football team), Seattle Seahawks (our nearest other type of football team) and the Portland Trailblazers (basketball).

I chose the Trailblazers partly because they are doing well at the moment but mostly because my mother-in-law is a season ticket holder and takes me to see them a couple of times a year.

These well-armed Blazers are futuristic mutant versions of real players: Lillard (0), Nurkic (27) and Curry (31, brother of superstar Stephan Curry recently joined the team).

Oops - I see some touching up needed here - but the logo sort of works

Painting these gave me new respect for anyone that paints a lot of those Warhammer type robots, Titans, Mechs and so on. I did try a few different approaches to the colours, shading and washes - what I think I learned was that white would have been a good choice of primer, that maybe it's time to invest in an airbrush, and avoid lots of colour transitions.

The Ghar are one of the factions in Beyond the Gates of Antares - a game broadly similar to Bolt Action which I'll play if I find an opponent.

And to finish - 2 pictures from Rip City taken tonight (Friday) - a sea of Red Black and White.

I think we counted these as 28mm cavalry last time round for 10 points each - so 30 (and a squirrel point) for the trio?