Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from PaulOG: DAK Kradschutzen Recon Platoon

The Motorcycle borne troops of the German Army were critical to the effective implementation of Blitzkrieg doctrine - searching out the enemy, seizing opportunities and using their mobility to conduct wide flanking manourvres. They are the essence of a force purpose built for this Reconnaissance Bonus round.

In the desert they came into their own, so naturally I need some in my 15mm DAK force for use with Battlegroup Tobruk and Torch!
Presenting my 15mm Reconnaissance Platoon, comprising:
- 3 Kradschutzen rifle groups of 6 men each,
- 3 Kradshutzen LMG teams,
- Kradschutzen ATR section,
- Kradschutzen 81mm mortar team,
- Motorcycle borne medic,
- Pak 36 AT gun and Kfz70 tow, and
- 75mm Infantry Gun and Kfz 70 tow
(Not shown: Plt HQ which will be mounted in a a Horsch Heavy car that I completed last challenge)

While I am really happy with how this force came out, I had a real love-hate relationship with these follows from assembly onwards, including the myriad of wonderful detail that I felt obligated to give due attention. Glad I persisted, as these will give me a great flanking force with infantry to seize objectives and with some punch to keep away those pesky Armoured Cars and Bren Gun Carriers of Dux's 8th Army.

Overall that is 12 motorcycles, 11 sidecars, 2 tow vehicles, 2 crewed guns, and 42 figs, all in 15mm. If my maths is right that is 204 points plus 50 for the Bonus round, for a total of 254.

I don't drop bombs, I execute precision fires to deliver effects at the determined point of focus :-)


  1. Really cute little motorcyclists (and accompanying big guns) Paul. Look great

  2. Lovely work Paul, the attention to detail is outstanding, right down to the knobbly knees of the passengers in the sidecars!

  3. I can taste the dust - great work!

  4. Wow, this force is just awesome. Beautiful work Paul.

    As to points, I'm afraid I could a motorcycle and rider the same as a cavalry figure - still, it all adds up to be a mess of points! Well done.

  5. You kicked some serious productivity ass here. Great stuff! They look superb. Cheers

  6. That is one hell of a nice unit to have on the table Paul!

  7. Really nicely done Paul - I thought that these were 28s. Great work on the bases too.

  8. My word! What a cracking entry Paul.

  9. Orchestrating your entries! I've been waiting to see some of your DAK, and I wasn't disappointed.

  10. Gorgeous motorcycle troops, really lovely basing too!
    Best Iain

  11. Great looking unit, you've done a fantastic job with them.