Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from SamuliS: Racing into Action!

My entry to the reconnaissance theme round is bit duller version as I didn't end up picking anything special for it, instead sticking to projects already in the queue. So to continue from my first entry I give you two pairs of 74-Z Scout Speeders for Star Wars Legion. At least speeding hover bikes, ranging ahead of the main forces scouting out enemy positions and then harassing them before the main body makes contact, really fit the bill perfectly!

These are far better casts than the basic Stormtroopers I painted previously. Details were far sharper and no real loss of details like in those. Still I continued with the same quick painting style. Light grey basecoat followed by white covering most of the armor. Then simple highlights on the black and brown parts to make them pop. And all finished up with some chipping especially on the front parts of the speeder bike.


  1. Really like your groundwork here Samuli, really brings these to life

  2. Nice work! I agree, the ground work really fits these figures.

  3. I always think of these guys hitting a tree...

    Great work Samuli.

    1. All that tree hitting business is separatist propaganda. The glorious machines of the Imperial army naturally avoid obstacles

  4. Really nice. Cheers (look out for that tree!)

  5. Great work, though the guy with a pistol really ought to watch where he is going.

  6. Nice basing, lovely jet bikes!
    Best Iain