Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from BrettM: Blood Bowl Refs

For the Bonus sport round I have these Refs for Blood bowl from Forge world
 Had these guys for quite a while. I believe they were only available for a couple months when Blood bowl had been out for a few months. 
 Actually first forge world models I have ever worked on as well. Everything was pretty much easy to put together though. Easy to clean and glue together
 First time I have free handed anything on a model. Granted these are only white lines so not to complicated. 
Enjoyed painting the dwarf more than the goblin. Neither model turned out as well as I thought it would. Good enough for the tabletop though! 60pts with bonus


  1. Characterful minis given a splendid finish!

  2. "Easy to clean and glue together" - I wish you luck in finding that more from Forge World...

    Well done, great striping!

  3. Great looking minis. It takes a lot of guts to be a Blood Bowl Ref. Many players take a great delight in showing you exactly how much. :)