Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from TeemuL: Lost Patrol

From Wikipedia: "In military operations, reconnaissance or scouting is the exploration outside an area occupied by friendly forces to gain information about natural features and other activities in the area."

That was a perfect excuse to paint the 5 Space Marine Scouts from the Lost Patrol boxed game by Games Workshop. Helps nicely with Squirreling as well...

I went for a bright, orangish (is that a word) feel of the early 1990s and I think Army Painter Pure Red with some orange highlights fills that job quite well. The trousers are Ushabti Bone with Reikland Fleshshade drybrushed with same bone color. Exactly same as kroot skulls on the ground, but they have a sharp white drybrush as well. And keeping honest to the 1990s feel (and jungle of Lost Patrol) I painted the bases green with Goblin Green and glued some green sawdust on top of them.

Models look good, I really liked them and I´m mostly satisfied with the painting as well, but the 20 year old decals on a bit too small and curved area were a disappointment. Better than my freehand I guess, but they don´t stick very well, I may need to remove them and try newer decals. I paid special attention to have each of the scouts to have different weapons, there is a shotgun, bolter, heavy bolter and combinations of close combat weapons. The hairs have different colors as well and sergeant has black shoulder pads. My Codex Angels of Death wasn´t very specific of scout paint themes, but I believe they do the job. Being scouts, they need to improvise anyway.

I still need to paint the Genestealers (which will be a while) and then I can give a try to this game. I read it is very difficult for the scouts.

Five Blood Angel Space Marine Scouts from the Lost Patrol boxed game gives me 25 points in addition of the bonus points.


  1. Very cool, I like the throw-back goblin green bases. Brings back the memories...

  2. Oh wow, I like to pride myself on recollection of dorky 40k stuff, but I had forgotten these fellows! Well done.

  3. Awesome old school models, Teemu. Nice score!

  4. Very nostalgic paint job, Teemu. Well done.

  5. I was annoyed I missed this game when it came out. Nice work!