Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from StuartL: You'll Nevaah Walk Agaaaiinn!!!

Well, here is my entry for the sports round, provided you classify smashing opposing players in the face, putting the boot in when they're on the ground and feeding their still twitching corpse to a troll as sport. You do? Great.

For my entry, I have painted up an old Blood Bowl team. All of the figures are single piece, monopose plastics from GW, with the exception of the Troll which is from the Reaper's Bones line of minis.

When I saw the bonus round list, this was the one that I wasn't sure about entering as I didn't really have any sports related miniatures. Asking around my gaming group, one of my friends was kind enough to dig out his old team and give them to me for free. (I have to let him win the next few games we have I guess). 

I cleaned the minis up, gave them a quick spray of black undercoat and got to work. They were a fairly simple set to paint to be honest, but with enough detail to make them fun. As starter sets go, the old blood bowl was a fun and simple way to get into the hobby. I used to have the same team back in the day, but sold them off about ten years ago. I haven't tried the new game yet, the new figures look pretty impressive, but nobody locally seems that interested.

Anyway, I make it 13x28mm figures for 65 points, an entry for the bonus round and another notch on my squirrel tally. 


  1. Proper classic sculpts, great to see them given some love!

  2. Old skool action is always a winner! But then, I'm a sentimental old fool.
    ; )
    Very nice work, Stuart, and a great on-theme entry!

  3. Classics! Great colours, nicely done.

  4. Great bunch of green boyz mate!

  5. I'd vote for this just for the YNWA reference! Lovely work too though.