Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from TomM: 'Quickly, take him down!'

The Sports bonus round was something I initially planned to skip, as it wouldn't fit in my Lord of the Rings theme.

But then I remembred that hilarious // cringeworthy moment from the Two Towers movie.

When the Uruk Hai prepare to blow up the Deeping Wall, the lines open and under loud cheering a berserker with torch runs up.  In a style like the Olympic Torchbearer (is there a bigger symbolism of sport?) he runs into the powder and explodes the wall.

So to that end, I indeed painted up the figures for just this moment: the berserker and some Uruk Hai cheering him on his way as he breaks ranks...

So for this bonus round entry, I finished as such 15 infantry models, good for 75 points to the total...


  1. A very creative idea for the bonus round. Well done. I'm not sure how the olympic committee would take it if the olympic cauldron was filled with gunpowder, but it would make the opening ceremony a lot more entertaining.

  2. Nicely done - cue 'Chariots of Fire' theme!

  3. A wonderful dramatic moment! (You could have gone for Legolas surfing...)

  4. It does give the word "finish" a very different meaning.., great stuff!

  5. I've always thought this looked a lot like the olympic torch