Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from MilesR: Blood Bowl Ogre

For the Sport Bonus round, I return to a new "old" gaming favorite - Blood Bowl!  My humble submission is a Blood Bowl Ogre painted up for my Human Team.

Blood Bowl is a favorite game but strangely it almost always is never the first choice of what to play but rather the one that springs to mind after one or two other options are dismissed..
This model is from the new incantation of Blood Bowl and is a plastic kit.  As it's a GW product the pricing is a bit stiff at $18.00 US but it's what I wanted to add to me team.  GW does know how to extract value from it's proprietary IP.  As an ardent capitalist, I tip my hat to their "Price Maximization".  Pricing aside, the figure is superb.
An Ogre in Blood Bowl is meant to do one thing - smash the other team.  However, what it has in strength it gives back in lower speed, so initial placement and careful planning is required or you'll soon see this giant point sink lumbering vainly to catch up with the action.
His number is, of course IX!

See - he is a big brute clicking in at just above 40MM.

Now I really want to play some Blood Bowl now.  I've got three team Humans and Orcs from the core set and Skaven.  I find the Skaven to be the most fun to play but they're tricky to win with.  Ehhh - winning who-cares it's "Blood Bowl" and silliness should reign supreme.

What is your favorite teams to play?


  1. Lovely work, Miles, that's a corker!

  2. Great looking ogre. I've always been a fan of the more physical teams. No need to worry about that silly ball thing, just crunch some skulls.

  3. Very nice, seems like I have paintdd his cousin :-)

  4. Tough looking ogre, nice work!
    Best Iain

  5. What a bruiser! Great work Miles. At 45 cents a mm GW pricing doesn't seem so bad (eek!)