Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from NickJ: Birds of a Feather

Once upon a wing and a prayer...

I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be stretching the definition of the Bonus Rounds this year but then as I play Chaos it seems somewhat appropriate. Right? Who's with me?!

Anyway. One of the new "unit" types that came in recently with v2 of Age of Sigmar are Endless Spells. As the name suggests these are Spells cast once and then they roam the battlefield causing grief and hilarity... well ok maybe not the grief part based on my dice rolls but hey ho...

The Beasts of Chaos recently got a new army book as well so I now present to you the first of their 3 unique Endless Spells: Ravening Direflock

This first picture is from the front and presents them as a nice dark and brooding group shot. And you'd think that as they are crows and, according to the fluff, Harbingers of Dark Omens that they'd be a nice black or dark brown right?


Not sure if anyone will remember my Beastmen but if you do you may well remember that they have a purple skintone. Since these birds will be summoned by a Beastman Shaman I decided they should have the same base colour as the army. Lovely plumage ;-)

The beaks are blue since I did the army shields in blue. I've never been so colour co-ordinated; the Wife will be amazed!
Each of the bird flocks are stood on some part of a skeleton to help ram home the dark, brooding nature of these lovely birds.

So Recon then? Yes sort of. They are summoned in ahead of the army and cause enemy units to suffer negatives to their morale if they get within a certain distance - which I think qualifies as a recon unit of sorts!

Really liked doing these as they were relatively simple from a paint scheme perspective. Base paint is a Dark Pink, all over wash with a purple shade. Then all over dry brush with Lilac. Paint the wing tips with two shades of pink and then wash all over with the purple shade again. Beak then painted blue and washed blue. 

I aim to complete the other 2 Endless Spells as part of the Challenge together with the Shaman that I need to actually cast these! Minor detail that I've painted the spell ahead of the Shaman. Planning? I play Chaos. We don't do planning.

Scoring them eh? Well not sure to be honest so some size stats to help/hinder :-)

3 bases each with 6 birds = 18 birds in total.
Each bird has a wingspan of about 35mm and is about 10mm from beak to tail.
Each of the 3 bases stand 40mm tall

Now I need to get back to the large unit that was supposed to be ready last Thursday and is already in danger of not meeting next Thursday. Paint scheme decision making issues yet again...!


  1. That is one horrid looking murder of crows!

  2. I am an avid birdwatcher...but somehow I think it better when these are NOT spotted...well done Nick.

  3. Love these. I just picked up the Zombiecide Murder of Crows and am wondering if I should have gotten these instead...

  4. These are really cool! Could have so many uses. Wonderful colour choice as well. Cheers

  5. Very nice, I hope the dice improve now that they’re all painted up!

  6. Really good paint scheme, and perfectly delivered. I'm wondering what landscape they'll be camouflaged against, though. Maybe they only scout at sunrise and sunset...

  7. Great job, these really pop. Let’s just agree you don’t use these against me, ok? ;)

  8. Now that is a striking scheme if ever I have seen one. Nice work!

  9. Those would be a really bad omen. Love the shot a the top - very atmospheric.

  10. Great looking murder of crows on acid!
    Best Iain