Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from AndrewE: Rebel Commando Team

I've recently started collecting the awesome range of Star Wars Legion models but not quite getting around to painting them.  What better way to start my first ever painting challenge entry off with than a reconnaissance patrol of rebel commandos for the bonus as well.

Originally I was going to work on the imperial Scout Trooper models for the recon challenge, but then the Wookies came out and I knew I had to work on a rebel force instead.  As a start I've put together a small sniper team, with a couple of full units of commandos and Wookies to follow.

It took a bit of playing around to get a nice camo pattern going that wasn't just "everything is green" for the contrast.  In the end I went for two shades of green (uniform and then cloak) with sponged patches of colour on the cloak to bring the disruptive camo pattern to the model.

Overall they have turned out quite nicely I think.  The Mon Calamari skin was a bit of a challenge to get the right shades so they didn't look too lobster pink or fluro orange, but I think they have turned out nicely.


  1. And some rebel scouts, gorgeously painted.

  2. very cool, death star plans safely stashed

  3. Great work on the camo, I like these!

  4. Nice, been tempted by these myself

  5. Very nicely done! I have these in the queue and desperate to get some paint on them as they proved great at protecting an objective from range.

  6. Lovely camo on these chaps!
    Best Iain