Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from PeterA: "Find the Halfling!"

Given that the overarching theme of the Challenge is Fellowship, my thoughts turned to making each entry I can make into the Bonus Rounds themed around the Lord of the Rings. I have a fair few GW LoTR figures in the lead pile and this gives me a perfect reason to dig some out and get them painted (Although, of course if I want to justice to this idea I might, regrettably, have to buy some new figures. You know, for completeness' sake).

One of my favourite scenes from the trilogy is the breaking of the Fellowship at Amon Hen from the first movie, as they are set upon by a mob of Uruk-Hai scouts led by Lurtz. Many moons ago, GW did an excellent 2-part scenario based on this scene, for which you need 36 Uruk-Hai scouts. With this in mind, my entry for this Bonus Round is a group of 16 Uruk-Hai scouts to add to the (pitifully few) already painted figures I have.

First up are 8 Uruk-Hai archers.

They are joined by 8 Uruk-Hai armed with swords and shield or just swords.

And here is a shot of all of the Uruk-Hai (Lurtz crept into shot but doesn't count as he was already painted up pre-Challenge).

I wanted the figures to look dull and dirty, so have painted them in a variety of Vallejo browns and very dark grey, before heavily washing them with GW Nuln Oil. Looking at them now, a few White Hand markings would work, so I may re-visit them in the future and tart them up a bit. I tried to switch the colours around on different figures, so they would look varied but still tie together. Having said that, I still managed to paint two identical sculpts identically! The figures are all from the GW plastic box set; who knows maybe the remainder of the box will get finished before March!