Sunday, January 6, 2019

'Reconnaissance' from GuyB: Afrika Korps Sdkfz 222

This challenge, I've decided to focus on my Afrika Korps collection, as well as polish off some odds and ends from my collection.

My desert war project has been idle for too long. I'd originally collected a large force in 20mm when I was a teenager, but the entire lot was thrown out by my father when I was eighteen.

My entry for the bonus theme is a Rubicon Sdkfz 222 in 1/56. This highly detailed model was good fun to build but did have quite a few stages to it. However, I've seen a few alternative 222's and the extra detail is worth it.

Next on the painting desk is some Afrika Korps armour (in the form of a Panzer III and Marder III, both Warlord) and transport (a Henschell Type 33 from Minairons). I also plan a Panzer III from Rubicon with all the hatches open. Here's some work in progress (expect finished pics later this month).

This has a select grey wash before being dry brushed sand.

Here is the basic work on the Henschell. Following on from the vehicles, I'll need some infantry painted.

So for this entry. I estimate 20 points plus 50 bonus points for 70 in total.


  1. Beautiful work on the 222, Guy (my favourite German AC). I always think of the movie 'The Keep' whenever I see one of these.

  2. Nice recon car. Great stuff. cheers

  3. Thrown out!!!!! Bet you was pleased? Nice work btw!

  4. Now the only thing missing to this gorgeous little tankie is Leftenant Gruber himself Guy!

  5. Lovely armoured car and the sneak peek is fun too!
    Best Iain