Sunday, January 20, 2019

'Sport' from NickJ: Robot Referee

Once upon a whistle blowing...

Sports eh? As a Newcastle United FC fan you'd think I'd be cured of all things sport and yet here I am! To be honest this bonus round was something of a major challenge as we don't generally do sports games in our group.

After much scratching of head I remembered my box of Dreadball stuff from years ago where we played our 1 and only season of the game. Good fun but evidently it didn't keep our attention with all the other games waiting to be played.

A rummage through the depths of the box produced a referee figure that I'd base coated but then failed to follow up. Perfect. A quick undercoat and away I went.

Simple paint scheme as she's purely a points grab to be honest!

I do like the pose with the whole "get over here now; time for a good talking too" vibe.

And yes she really does have eyes in the back of her head and roller-blades for feet.

The only issue with this figure is how spoiled I've been by GW over the last few years. The detail they put into their figures make them a joy to paint. This one was very bland unfortunately but on the other hand that allowed for a very, very quick painting process!

As this is for a boardgame I decided not to paint the base beyond the basic black. She is a 28mm figure.