Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from EdwinK: Humanity Needs a Hero!

The Terminators have done it again!  Skynet has sent a whole squad even further back in time than before in order to kill the ancestors of the leaders of the Resistance (Skynet's forte has never been originality).

With Sarah Connor less than a twinkle in her grandfather's eye, who is going to step up to save the future, and possibly even delay Judgement Day once again?

Here were have eight 28mm Terminator Endoskeletons from the Warlord Games/River Horse Terminator Genysis miniatures game.  These are described in their blurb as being in "two different posses, advancing and… relentlessly advancing!".  In practice, this means that some of the Terminators carry their BFG in their right hand and some in their left.  Box sets can now be picked up cheaply, and for me the Endos will serve as generic BFG-Wielding Robots.

Queen Victoria is from Westwind Productions'  Empire of the Dead range.  A nice, fun sculpt.

Nine 28mm figures = 45 points.


  1. Queen Victoria is aces with her BFG!
    Well done and would either Curt or a minion tag the Queen as an entrant for Sarah’s Choice?

  2. Great to have you with us Edwin!

  3. Reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated - welcome back!

  4. Glad to see you made the cut - or we might have to send Vicky out to find you! Nice work Edwin.

  5. Absolutely priceless, well done Edwin.

  6. Vicky and her 'Auto Pax Britannica' is awesome.

  7. Love queen vic and the robots are great too!
    Best Iain

  8. Welcone back, Edwin!
    Advancing and relentlessly advancing. ;)
    Nice work on them and Victoria! I guess she got tired of waiting to hear a hero yell" Save the Queen" and took matters in hand! ;)