Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from PeteF: So Freakin' Big It Needs Legs - Ghar Command Crawler

Ghar Command Crawler - A Big Freakin' Gun. On Legs.
The mountain of lead and plastic shame contains a significant number of Ghar from Beyond the Gates of Antares. This Command Crawler was the biggest freakin' gun I had and very different painting proposition from the Napoleonic Russian 12 pounder, which was my next biggest.

"Fire, Minions!"
I'm getting out of my big battalions comfort zone for Challenge Ate - and experimented with metallics and green skin for this themed round. I thought the Ghar needed to be little green monsters rather than the pastey skin tones of Warlord's official creatures. I want to figure out how to do better green skin - something more like DavidB's trukking orcs - leave any suggestions/favourite triads in the comments section. Fortunately this captain and crew don't have much exposed flesh.

The gun is so freakin' big it needs 5 legs and a shouty alien to point for the benefit of the two minions in his crew. It got some alien landscape basing with moss from my yard painted blue and tarted up with some autumn mix flowers.

The Business End
Antares is a skirmish game using similar mechanics to Bolt Action - I haven't played it yet - but I think this gun on legs operates like a tank, blasting everything in front - but the rear looks vulnerable.

28mm vehicle (15 points) with 3 crew - although since you can only see half of them I'd say they're only worth 2-3 points each - say 22 points for the lot?

Manufacturer: Warlord Games


  1. Rather scary BFG! Nice metal effects.

  2. What a whacky model! Well done.

  3. I've no idea what this is but it looks absolutely mental! Nice.

  4. Mad as a box of frogs but it looks great!
    Best Iain

  5. Nice work on this piece, Pete! I like the contrast of metal with the red optics and green skin. This reminds me of the gun from the movie Battle of LA. This particular gun is even more gonzo than the one from the film!
    Just paint the skin a dark forest green and use a true green or olive green for mid. You'll want a yellow green for highlight. I hope to see some more of these guys!