Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from Millsy: Warhammer Empire Hellblaster Volley Gun

My submission for the BFG bonus round follows on from the Flight round in that it is a further addition to my Warhammer Empire army. It's a rather wonderfully named Hellblaster Volley Gun, the Empire's equivalent of an early Gatling, albeit it significantly souped up in terms of calibre!

The weapon design encompasses three sets of three barrels, the set on top being those ready to be fired whilst the others are in position to be reloaded by her "gallant" crew. The Hellblaster is famous for inflicting significant casualties, often upon the crew as opposed to the enemy, hence the requirement for crew with either massive cajones or remarkably little common sense... or ideally, some combination of the two.

This is the second edition model and is significantly larger and more complex that the first edition, with loads of intricate parts and a rather natty late medieval overall feel. I've painted the gun and crew in Altdorf colours to provide a bit of contrast to the other artillery in the army which are mostly from Nuln. You can only paint so much black after all.

The crew are almost as characterful as the Hellblaster itself. The chap with the ramrod is my favourite, ready to swig yet again from his tankard, recently refilled with another heady dose of "Altdorf Courage". Judging by the size of the jug at his feet he's an experienced gunner (i.e. has made it into his third week of service) and knows what's required to get the job done.

Now she's finished I'm quite looking forward to unleashing her on my enemies (or myself most likely!) as soon as possible.



  1. I could have guess you'd do some Empire artillery! Great work.

  2. Great colourscheme! You made it look heavy too!

  3. Well, if you're hungry for foes, there's always that large Orc force lurking in your cupboard!

    Really nice work, Millsy, it's a corker!

  4. Lovely old model - you're right, the crew are great. Very nice paint scheme indeed!

  5. Classic stuff Millsy! And the urban hipsters from Altdorf would be the ones to man the "hellblaster" - it has more meaning, you know?

  6. that is going to take hours to load. really nice

  7. Great looking gun and lovely crew, yeah the loader is particularly characterful!
    Best Iain

  8. Man, that's a stunning looking Volley Gun. Beautiful work Millsy! I have one of these beasts (same generation) and actually had inordinately good luck with it. My favourite moment with it was taking out an entire Chaos Knight unit in one go. My opponent almost flipped the table, it was awesome...

  9. Nice job, Millsy! That is certainly a BFG and I like the treatment you gave gun and crew. My iron breakers were broken by one of those things! ;)