Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from MilesR: British 25 Pounder & Crew

 My choice of topic for the "BFG" round is an iconic British 25 pounder artillery piece and 4 and crew in 28mm.  The guns and figures are from Brigade games.
 The gun is a great model but the figures aren't the best of sculpts but will do.  I've painted a lot of Britsh WW2 figures from the North Africa campaign but never had added a 25 pounder to the collection.
Nothing fancy here, but a servicable piece none-the-less.  Four figures and a gun should net me a tidy 30 points.


  1. A great model - I remember building the Airfix 25 Pounder back in the day, and I have a good deal of affection for this artillery piece. Well done, Miles!

  2. This was a bit of a last minute replacement - I had plans for something else but there were shipping delays. It was supposed to arrive the friday before the deadline but didn't so I scrounged up the 25pounder and assembled / painted in Sat am. It pales compared to all the other entries but was speedy and filled of gap in my British Force!

    The BFG topic arrive this morning (Monday!) so all is not lost

  3. Every Western Desert army needs a 25lber. Nice one Mr Stats.

  4. Always nice to see a 25 pounder and this one has turned out really well.
    Best Iain

  5. Great work Miles, especially as it was a pinch hitter. Well done!

  6. Nice work, Miles! The 25pdr is a worthy sub for your intended submission.