Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from RussG: BFG Gobsmashed!

The painting challenge has really spurred me on to get the forgotten miniatures and projects pushed forward.

This is my entry for the bonus round BFG(big freakin gun).

It is my scratch built Ork Gobsmasha gun tank, which certainly has a big freakin gun. This has been an idea i have had for a while. I first built one out of card with coffee jar lid wheels when plans for it were published in White Dwarf probably late 80's, when they did cool stuff like that.

This model was built using plasticard cut to size to be roughly 15mm scale, as i have no intention of making it 28mm, my 40k will be 15mm. The wheels were made by scratch building one wheel using spare round bases and plasticard, then making a rubber mould and casting them in resin. The crew ladder was a spare part from an abandoned railway carriage model kit, the exhaust is a barrel in halves with plasticard tubing out the top. Top hatches are left over from various kits.

A simple paint job, some Orky decals and light weathering and its done.
The build was done pre-challenge, and it has sat in an undercoated state for around a year.

To show its size, i painted 1 Skinnerz biker from Vanguard miniatures on a 40mm by 20mm base. If time allows i may paint more to get my points up.

For the judges a 15mm vehicle at 6pts and a 15mm mounted at 4pts.

Thank you for looking.


  1. Scratchbuilt gobsmasha - I am gobsmacked indeed! A great entry!

  2. I remember those first WD plans! very nicely executed.

  3. Very clever, and very-well finished. Great stuff.

  4. Wonderful scratch building on this wacky vehicle.

  5. Wonderfully Orky entry! Great work on this scratch build, Russ, just the thing to send those 'umies packing!

  6. Brilliant! Scratch build fantastic!
    Best Iain

  7. Thanks everyone, i already have ideas for more of the classic Ork vehicles.

  8. That is an awesome bit of scratchbuilding - well done Russ!

  9. Really sweet bit of a build, Russ! I almost used those same plans for a 28mm build...almost!