Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from GregB: Big F***ing Cat Killer

SU-100 tank destroyer in 1/100 scale - from Peter Pig
I had nothing really top of mind for this theme round, even with such a cool subject.  I was disappointed, and thinking of passing on it, but I constantly recall Curt saying to me "Greg, it is a painting challenge, after all," so while watching the Winnipeg Jets somehow eke a shoot-out win out of the Calgary Flames this afternoon, I found this in the big pile-of-stuff in my basement and painted it up - an SU-100 tank destroyer.  The model is 1/100 scale, from Peter Pig.  I felt a 100mm AT gun in 1945 counts as a "big f***ing gun".

The scourge of the German heavy tanks which often pop up on late-war-setting wargame tabletops, this SU-100 will put a sizeable hole (or three) into the scary fascist Panthers, Tigers and other armoured issues which might pop up. That makes it a "big f***ing cat killer".   My large collection of 15mm WW2 Soviets has many T-34 tanks (of course) but very few heavy tank destroyers, so this model will give German players something to think carefully about!

Still needs a tank commander...
This model is from Peter Pig, which means it is cast in metal. I LOVE models cast in metal - this is how proper wargames figures SHOULD be done.  The detail is excellent, the casting is flawless and it was a treat to assemble and paint.

Tried to rust the exhaust just a touch...
Touch of fall foliage...perfect for stomping German forces in a drive through Poland...

Not much to say about the paint job, other than it covered the basics, and it is nice to finish a model that has been hanging around the pile for almost three years! It does still need a tank commander figure - note the empty cupola - but that is something to worry about another time...


  1. I like it! A hefty piece for the tabletop.

  2. Blunt and utilitarian, but bloody gorgeous in a Soviet industrial kind of way. Well done Greg!

  3. Nice! Quite how they aimed these things in practice is totally beyond me....

    1. I believe they "aimed" them by deploying them in large batches and expecting that one of them would have the right angle... :)

  4. Very nice Greg. Maybe the cupola is empty because of lack of soviet training and the commander standing up there while the gun was fired? Back pressure decapitation? Or did they have enough back pressure to do that with those older lower velocity guns?

  5. here kitty, kitty....I think the commander has ducked under to give his crew what for due to their poor shooting. Lovely work Greg.

  6. Haha! Good one Greg. This will be a great back-stop for those pesky German counterattacks late in the war. If you can find an appropriate figure, you could have the commander taking a 'break' out along side. :)

  7. Point the tank, pull the trigger, bye bye kitty! Love it, I want one in 28mm now though!
    Best Iain

  8. Definitely a kitty killer! Nice job, Greg! I like the green! This is top on my list of big gun tanks to get for my orks. I want a proper distressed WW2 model for an orky vehicle. Hard to find on ebay for cheap though. ;)