Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from NickJ: AoS Chimera

Once Upon a.... That's not a bird is it?

I completely missed the bonus rounds in my first Challenge last year due to incredibly poor planning and therefore set myself a target of hitting at least 2 bonus rounds this year!

Fortunately, whilst painting the Ungors from my previous post, I was also able to crack on with this little old Chimera. I chose this because it has wings (thank you Cpt Obvious!) plus I think it's safe to say it fits snuggly into the Monster Theme of this Challenge.

It's also been sat on the shelf built and undercoated for close to 6 months... which is actually a pretty short time in my paint queue - I suspect it jumped the queue and there aren't many models that would argue with this wee beastie...

Having tried my hand at purple skin tones previously I decided to push the boat out and go for yellow! If he does nothing else he will at least stand out on the battlefield!


The Chimera has 3 heads: Dragon, Eagle and Lion. Each one gets unique attacks which means lots of special rules and incredulous looks on my opponents' faces as I skillfully roll a whole series of 1s. Pretty much guaranteed! And yes the Dragon head does indeed spit fire. In game. If he starts doing it for real then he's going to melt himself pretty darn quick.

The colours for the wings, scales, fur and feathers are from the warm end of the spectrum to complement the yellow skin tone. 


The basing is from a broken up Skaven Vehicle of some sort that I got in a swap deal some time in the past. Oh and I forgot - his tail also gets to attack and you can see the head in the pic above!! So yes technically he has 4 heads!

And here's a scale picture showing one of my recent 28mm Ungors standing quietly with something scary behind him. And the Chimera is quite an old model - he is by no means the largest monster that roams the worlds of AoS.

As for scoring I really have no idea! Helpful right?
Some facts to aid/hinder in the calculation:
He stands 101mm from base to top of his Dragon Head.
His wing span is 52mm
His length is 50mm

So, er, over to you Curt! :-)


  1. He's amazing! Love the limited palette Nick, really well executed indeed.

  2. Very nice- contrasts well with the base.

  3. Lovely work Nick, I think the colours all work well together.

  4. That's a huge monster, really amazing work!

  5. Impressive work, love the various yellow tones

  6. I absolutely love this guy, especially the warm tones you've used on him - what a terrific beastie.

  7. Really fantastic. Incredible coloring and a great pose. Terrific work, Nick!

  8. That warm yellow is a very nice color and shaded very well on the Chimera. I'm rather glad you used a limited pallette as you can really appreciate the beast you painted very well!

  9. Thx all! Really enjoyed painting this fella. Now where did I put the other one?