Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from KyleC: Magnus the Red

To paint... or not to paint... that was the question for me this week due to illness, work and home life!

In the end I painted.. and even got in a game!

My entry for the Flight Challenge is none other than Magnus the Red... or Orange tinted in any case.

I dislike the full armor on him, but I did like having some of it on. And with the inclusion of a Tyranid skull in a Hamlet styled tribute, it kind of worked out better for him. At least I thought so!

He was a lot harder to paint than I anticipated though. And I was not having fun with those wings and all the feathers. If I were to do it again ( I don't see that happening anytime soon) I would tackle them differently.

But in the end he is finished, and he is flying, and he died in the first turn of his first outing. So all in all.. he did what was expected of him!


  1. Wow that's big! Very cool paint job too Kyle.

  2. That’s a very intimidating figure to paint... well done!

  3. That's a very well done model! Impressive.

  4. Puts me in mind of Tim Curry in 'Legend'! Very impressive piece, Kyle, well done!

  5. Yes, he totally reminds me of Tim Curry's 'Darkness' - Great work!

  6. Wonderful brushwork, Kyle. I love the life and colour you've added to this model. Terrific!

  7. Magnus is very Impressive, Kyle! I think those wings rock! I also like how you reworked the horns into a suitable standin for Darkness!
    Very impressive work!