Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from AdamC: Odin with Hugiin and Muninn

I had something in mind for this round but it hasn't really come out the way I liked it so I'm calling an audible and using another miniature that might fit the theme.

This is Odin form Footsore Miniatures a bonus mini they threw in with all orders over a certain amount in December (extended to January if you like him).

Odin himself can fly with the help of an 8 legged horse but that's obviously not here. His Ravens "Hugiin and Muninn" are and they are  my connection to the theme.  These Ravens (or all Ravens) were said to fly over the earth bring back tidings of what passes in the mortal realm to Odin.

I went with a reddish coat in part because I saw this article about Santa and Odin being the same guy so the color seemed seasonally appropriate but still with in the reach of period dyes (and I like the color) I gave him a purple hood since to indicate this is a someone special (if the eye patch and two pet ravens don't give it away).  I'll probably use this figure as a War Band leader for a Viking force though he would make a great Frostgrave wizard too.


  1. Nice! He will be useful in quite a few games.

  2. Very nice fig, Adam, Footsore do some lovely work!

  3. Nice figure, Adam! They look comfortable riding on the Allfather's shoulder! ,)