Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' for RoyW: Albatros D.Va for Wings of Glory

For the Bonus Theme 'Flight', I've repainted a Wings of Glory WW1 1/144th scale Albatros D.Va of the Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte.

The colour scheme is based on an actual WW1 German pattern, but since my aeroplanes are to belong to a fictitious unit I've altered the colours slightly - mainly by painting the full length of the underside of the fuselage a yellow.

The plan was originally to build a three plane flight, and supplement them with two two-seater planes (one from Armeekorps and the other a ground attack aircraft from an unnamed Schlasta). But, as is the norm in these situations, such plans don't last long when they meet the wargame group, so I'm coming back to this project after a 12 months hiatus.

Anyway, I enjoy painting aircraft (and sea vessels) so it was no real difficulty to repaint this Ares Games prepainted miniature. No decals were used. Just careful repainting of the original national markings.

Below can be seen the extent of Jasta 89, my fictitious unit for mid-1917. It comprises one Albatros D.II and one Albatross D.Va (if we're talking points cost for Wings of Glory, those will get you a basic 160 points before upgrades or disadvantages).

[the D.II was painted prior to the Painting Challenge, and is included only for show]

Cheers for looking.


  1. Very nice! Those early planes have real style.

  2. My fav plan of WWI. Very nice indeed Roy!

  3. good job on the freehand. "No decals were used"

    1. @Taran: To be honest it was just a case of repainting over what was already there, so it was just a job for a steady hand. The basic shape and design was already there to aid me. So apologies if I failed to explain that sufficiently in the text and it has misled anyone.
      Thank you.

  4. Been a while since I've seen anything like this, very snappily done!

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind words.

  6. Great job Roy, I always loved the lines of the Albatros. Such a beautiful aircraft.

  7. Really smart little model, beautifully painted. Well done!

  8. Lovely work, I agree with Curt on the lines of the Albatros. Does make me think of John Cleese though....

  9. Nice work, Roy! The albatross looks wonderful! This game is still lingering on my want list, I keep getting distracted by sci-fi! ;)