Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from RobH: 28mm Fight or Flight

I've had the following figure sitting on or near my work space for almost four years, when first I applied a blue wash to it. There it sat. I was not inspired to do anything with it. Like all fantasy figures in my collection I hoped someday to use in a HOTT Army. When I read this year's challenge and I saw the Flight Theme a kernel of an idea took root. "Fight or Flight"

The Dragon model itself is a 7 year old sculpt by Reaper Miniatures. The original model was a metal miniature standing approximately 6" tall and with a 10" wingspan, but is now available as a soft resin figure.  I prefer the original.

Next was how to present Fight or Flight. I remembered that somewhere buried in my mountain of lead was the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Isildur figure. Instead of shattering Narsil upon the Dark Lord, the sword breaks during an  attempt to burgle the hoard of the frost dragon menace of northern Adon. In the tableau presented a thief lies sprawled before Deathsheet. Should the burglar have taken flight, instead of staying to fight?

In comparison to the dragon, the 28mm human figure is insignificant, lost upon of the dragon's hoard. The photos I took this morning do not do justice to the scene.



  1. That’s huge! Good use of Isildur

  2. Only four years? That's barely time for the undercoat to cure properly where I come from! Nice work Rob :-)

    1. At least 20 is needed for a proper patina! ;)

  3. That's a very impressive bit of work, Rob!

  4. Nice use of Isildur, Rob! That is one imposing blue dragon (that poor guy is going to be lunch in a second...).

  5. Oh gosh but that's HUGE!!! Fantastic work!

  6. That is a very pretty blue, Rob! I like the use of Isuldur sprawled across the treasure too!