Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from IannickM: Green terror from above, AKA the terrifying Doom Diver!

It does not seem to bother them than their chances of survival are low, but then only the most crazed Goblins would want to be propelled in the air anyway. These Goblins are known as Doom Divers, although it is usually for other (saner) goblins to call them "Bat Wings Loonies". In the dirty, brutal and often painfully short life of a goblin the chance of swooping through the air and smashing right through their enemies is just too good to miss. The Doom Divers know that the ultimate excitement of diving through the air is at high speed is well worth the considerable risks. Though it is a sad way for a Goblin to go, it is infinitely more better than to die an ignoble death by the hands of a hungry Troll.

This bonus theme was an easy choice for me, as the Goblin army I'm currently working on features a pair of Doom Divers as the main War Machines. 

A Doom Diver Catapult is basically an enlarged version of a giant slingshot, which propels a leather-wing Goblin known as a Doom Diver straight into an enemy formation as a form of live ammunition. Originally, the Doom Diver Catapult was created to allow nomadic tribes of Goblins to scout the surrounding areas of their territory in quick succession. After a while, the Doom Diver Catapult was redesigned for the use of war.

Doom Divers are quite enthusiastic about their duties, for there can be no greater joy for a Doom Diver than to fly across the sky for only mere moments before he hits his intended target. 

Doom Divers are certainly one of the craziest thing Game Workshop has came up with! I mean, kamikaze Goblins launched with a catapult? Yes please!! That's what I love about Warhammer Goblins, so over the top in their stupidity it makes them absolutely endearing.

As I believe everyone knows by now my love is Oldhammer, especially the 1986-1992 era, and so obviously like the rest of my army the model I chose is from that era (1992 to be precise). GW has come with nice Doom Divers models since then, but none approaches the charm of the first Doom Diver model.

I put the model on a rectangular base and glued both pieces on the bases, instead of using the two square bases it came with. I usually like to create small diorama for my war machines, it just looks better. Obviously subtlety is not required here, so I went with bold yellow for the wings, and a red suit. These are also the main colours of my Goblin army, along with orange.

This is the second Doom Diver I paint for the army, and I inverted the colours from my previous one.

With two of them, I almost have a squadron of the little crazy kamikaze!

I can only claim points for one of them though, so that makes 15 pts (10 pts for the machine, another 5 for the goblin, 28mm).

And since this is my first post of 2018, Happy new Year to all!!!


  1. Acquiring target. Commence steam cannon ignition in five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . . one. FIRE!

    Seriously, very nice, and fits the theme of your army quite well.

  2. Beautifully painted and based Iannick. I like the opposing red / yellow colour choice.

  3. I used to have one of these, I wish I could find it again.

  4. Bloody classic, great job Iannick.

  5. Another one! And proper Oldhammer as well! Lovely work on this whimsical model, Iannick!

  6. Wonderfully crazy little dudes. Great work on these, Iannick

  7. These look such fun. Lovely brushwork, and basing!

  8. Nice pallet on these, Iannick!I do have this classic model floating about someplace. It's not a gobbo army without this arty piece! ;)